Andreev V.V. On solving the Schrodinger equation with hypersingular kernel in momentum space

The paper is obtained that the Schrodinger equation in the momentum representation for a linear confining potential for states with zero orbital angular momentum can be solved with high accuracy (far superior to other methods) using the special quadrature formulas for hypersingular integral.

Keywords: Schrodinger equation, momentum space, hypersingular integral.

V.V. Andreev – Department of Physics, F. Skorina Gomel State University

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Belyi V.N., Kulak G.V., Krokh G.V., Ropot P.I., Shakin O.V. The influences of light-induced gratings on the acoustooptical interaction of Bessel light beams in the gyrotropic cubic crystals

The influences of light-induced gratings determined by means of cubic optical nonlinearity on the Bragg diffraction by the Bessel light beams on ultrasound in the gyrotropic mediums are investigated. It is shown that under using Bessel light beams the plate of sufficiency display of optical nonlinearity under Bragg diffraction is substantially lowered. It was found that the diffraction efficiency of Stokes regime of the acousto-optical interaction reaches its maximum value under increasing the light intensity and anti-Stokes mode decreases monotonically.

Keywords: ultrasonic wave, gyrotropic crystal, light-induced grating, Bessel light beam, Bragg diffraction, diffraction efficiency.

Belyi V.N. – Institute of Physics of NAS Belarus, Minsk

Kulak G.V. – I.P. Shamyakin Mozyr State Pedagogical University

Krokh G.V. – I.P. Shamyakin Mozyr State Pedagogical University

Ropot P.I. – Institute of Physics of NAS Belarus, Minsk

Shakin O.V. – State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Saint Petersburg

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Girgel S.S. Polarizing and power properties of vector Gaussian-like beams. I. The homogeneous polarization

The general expressions for the energy flux density of an electromagnetic field S vector Gaussian-like beams with homogeneous polarization are found. These results for the standard Hermite Gauss beams are concretized. It is established that energy flows of light beams of Hermite Gauss are divided into certain independent areas (domains). In each area energy flows are autonomous and into other areas do not pass.

Keywords: paraxial beams, vector beams, gaussian-like beams, polarizing properties, power properties, polarization.

S.S. Girgel – Department of Physics, F. Skorina Gomel State University

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Goldade V.A., Tsvetkova E.A., Shalamov I.V. Simulation of polarization-depolarization processes in liquid-disperse systems

A physical model of polarization processes is proposed for liquid-disperse systems worked out on the example of solutions of butyral resin and dispersed barium ferrite. The experimental and theoretical curves of polarization and isothermal depolarization are given for different polarization parameters (long-term polarization under low polarization current, multiple short-term cyclic polarization, high-current short-term polarization). The depolarization model is based on the relaxation phenomena generated by diffusion processes in the polarized liquid-disperse systems.

Keywords: dispersion medium, current density, polarization, depolarization, near-electrode layer, voltage.

V.A. Goldade – F. Skorina Gomel State University; V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of NAS of Belarus

E.A. Tsvetkova – F. Skorina Gomel State University

I.V. Shalamov – Limited liability company VINEX, Minsk

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Esman A.K., Potachits V.A., Zykov G.L. Energy efficiency of thin-film solar cell on the basis of the CuIn1-xGaxSe2

The problems of the temperature effects of thin-film solar cells on the basis of CuIn1-xGaxSe2 compound on their characteristics at the different values of the thickness of the absorbing layer and the gallium concentration are considered. The optimal values of the absorbing layer thickness are determined. The simulation of the current-voltage characteristics of the considered design of the solar cell are carried out. It is shown that the efficiency r>Tyutyanov V.N., Tihonenko T.V. Finite groups with -subnormal subgroups

The structure of finite group G, in which single subgroup is not -subnormal in G, but -subnormal in any proper subgroup of G, was established.

Keywords: finite group, composition factors, simple non-abelian group, -subnormal subgroup.

V.N. Tyutyanov – Gomel Branch of International University

T.V. Tihonenko – P.O. Sukhoi Gomel State Technical University

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Yakubovich O.V., Dudovskaya Y.E. Multimode queueing network with random staying time of signals

An open queueing network with different types of customers and multimode service strategies is considered. Every node can operate in several modes corresponding to different degrees of its working capacity. There are signals in the network, which change the number of operating mode. Staying time of signals in each node is the random value having exponential distribution. The conditions of multiplica-tivity and an analytical view of stationary distribution of the network states probabilities are found.

Keywords: queueing network, different types of customers, multimode service, signals, stationary distribution.

O.V. Yakubovich – Department of Mathematics, F. Skorina Gomel State University

Y.E. Dudovskaya – Department of Mathematics, F. Skorina Gomel State University

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Lanovyy A.T. Optimization of the region's transport system management

The network of public roads as a part of the transport system of Ukraine is studied. As a part of a complex system of network of roads it can be considered the transport system in operation, which aims at to ensure the conditions of continuous, safe and convenient movement of traffic public roadways for the use in Ukraine. To achieve this goal it is necessary to get optimization of the transport control system in the region with the necessary determination management of criteria. It is proved that the indicator Performance of the highway fully meets the purpose of the highways network, which is a measure of the efficiency of its operation that best describes the movement of large volumes of traffic with high enough speeds, provided that the required level of road movement. The main advantage of this indicator is a consideration the speed of the traffic flow along the light intensity. It is proved that the transport system of the region is controlled so that the processes that occur in it can be optimized.

Keywords: road network, operation, development and conditions continuous, safe and comfortable traffic flows regional transport system, management functioning network of public roads.

A.T. Lanovyy – National Transport University, Kyiv

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Smorodin V.S., Klimenko A.V., Sukach E.I., Shimchik O.A. Restructuring of simulation models of controlled systems in automation of project simulation

The process of restructuring of simulation models of probabilistic technological processes with a control system for solving multicriteria optimization problems in the management structure of the automation of project modeling of new technological facilities is offered. The theoretical substantiation of a way of restructuring and technology of its application on the basis of the adaptation of the structure of the control system of a simulation model to the conditions of functioning of the technological cycle are shown. The ability to use the proposed approach for assessing the quality of project simulation in constructing optimal structure of the control system of the technological cycle of production is justified.

Keywords: automation of project simulation, restructuring simulation model, controlled systems, multicriteria optimization problem.

V.S. Smorodin – Department of Mathematics, F. Skorina Gomel State University

A.V. Klimenko – Department of Mathematics, F. Skorina Gomel State University

E.I. Sukach – Department of Mathematics, F. Skorina Gomel State University

O.A. Shimchik – Department of Mathematics, F. Skorina Gomel State University

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Sokolov A.V., Zhdanov O.N., Barabanov N.A. Pseudo-random key sequence generator based on triple sets of bent-functions

The scheme of multi-valued pseudorandom key sequence generator based on the triple sets of bent-functions is proposed. Designed generator has a high level of cryptographic and stochastic quality and can be used in modern telecommunication systems. The full class of 3-bent-sequences is constructed and classified. The concept of the ternary algebraic normal form is introduced and the fast method for its finding is developed.

Keywords: key sequences generator, multi-valued logic, bent-function, stream encryption algorithm.

A.V. Sokolov – Odessa National Polytechnic University

O.N. Zhdanov – M.F. Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University, Krasnoyarsk

N.A. Barabanov – Odessa National Polytechnic University

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